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Christine Charter Moorhead has chosen the perfect art form – stained glass – to fulfill her artistic desire to create objects of the highest quality that marry form and function. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind object meant to enhance and personalize a specific space.

She creates many pieces including but not limited to windows, mirrors, pins, and pendants that reflect an ocean theme.

Since 1978 Christine has worked with glass to produce a wide variety of custom-designed pieces. She specializes in windows, lamps, screens, and doors and makes various other creations, including mirrors, pins, fireplaces, and pendants. No two pieces are alike.

Christine and Harold Moorhead

Drawing on nature for inspiration she sometimes will incorporate fibrous materials, handmade papers, old lace, sticks, stones, beads, beach glass, or even feathers to produce a three-dimensional quality in what is a two-dimensional form. She particularly enjoys incorporating ammonites and agates into her work as they evoke an ancient history.

She mainly uses copper foil with solid copper support to enrich and strengthen each design. Many of her pieces have a Craftsman influence that may suggest Frank Lloyd Wright, but she is not limited in her approach and strives to enhance the qualities of light and color that stain glass offers. She uses the visual to evoke a sense of harmony with nature.

Many of her creations are commissions for which she works closely with a client to customize a design of a specific size for a specific location with a specific function that reflects the lifestyle and taste of the patron.
written by Gualala Arts

My mission is to uplift and glorify your life with glass art. By adding elements with a three-dimensional quality to this two-dimensional medium, every piece takes on a strong visual texture. Carefully designed with hand picked glass to enrich your space with beautiful light and color. Having made a vast amount of custom designs with exotic woods, metals and glass to fit your individual taste. Consultation, design, and installation are all important parts of my process. I look forward to working and designing something special for you.